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How to lose thigh fats fast?

I’m generally quite slim but I have big thighs. What sort of exercises can help me tone down my thighs? Does jogging help?

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5 Responses to “How to lose thigh fats fast?”

  1. vaffanculo said :

    any cardio.

    or lipo.

  2. Agent Mime2 said :

    yep. very fast! Also squats, leg lifts, and yoga.

  3. coda said :

    Pilates 🙂 its great because you the first results you see are flexibility quickly followed by beautifull toned body/legs. When I was doing them the first thing I noticed was toned legs and bum 🙂 but the flexibility thing makes you feel really healthy 🙂

  4. Beautiful said :

    I am the same I always have trouble finding my pant size also my big hips dont help. I never understood those workout from the magazines to help slim down my thighs but I did lose 12lbs at one point doing a lot of cardio and my thighs did slim down a lot.. then I gain it all back .. everyone is different some girls get fat on their stomach, arms, or legs. Just love the way you are and shake them bottom apple jeans =D haha

    I’m gonna do a lot of cardio THEN tone my legs I think that may help

  5. Toning Girl said :

    Cardio exercise, strength-training and a healthy diet that promotes weight loss would do the job.

    Cardio 4-5 times per week for at least 30 mins per session, doing exercises like (you say) jogging, or walking, or running, swimming, biking, dancing…..

    This exercise helps hike up your metabolism to higher levels so you could burn off excess fat from your entire body (naturally it slices off the excess fat in your thighs too) to lose off the fat and the weight.

    Then follow this thigh strengthening routine which helps you strengthen your thigh muscles and build more beautiful lean muscle mass there that gives rise to firmer and leaner thighs:

    Workout 3-4 times per week for 10-15 mins per session.


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