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How can i lose my thigh fat fast?

Im 15 and 5″8 I wear a size 9 in jeans but my waste fits a 3-5 I want to balance out my body.i have heard im supposed to be curvy (ima 34d in bust size) but I feel as if i could slim down my thighs…Any help please?!

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2 Responses to “How can i lose my thigh fat fast?”

  1. Nevershoutnever<3 said :

    and running =]

  2. dithbot said :

    Personally I use ballet piles and swimming with a combination of cutting sugar, dairy, and coffee out of my diet when I want to slim. (Cutting the sugar helps keeps new fat from building, and cutting dairy helps your body break down proteins and fats faster; and cutting coffee because the acidic nature of it is harmful to your body – and your body might be holding the fat to protect your muscles from it.)

    Squats built too much muscle, contrary to what most people recommended, and I don’t like running very much. If you can’t use a pool or don’t have one – in the winter I dance for 1 hour a night, be sure to really work until you’re out of breath – the point is to keep moving for 1 full hour – so play a good radio station or itunes.

    Good luck!


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