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how to lose thigh fat and fast??

does anyone know how to lose thigh fat, and fast. all my friends say that its muscle (because im a xcountry runner) but my thighs used 2 be half their size. i mean their not humongous. im a size 0 but i really just want 2 know if anyone knows any good exercises for the thighs or how 2 loose fat and fast. also do u know wat causes them 2 get fat?

thanks so much for the advicE!!

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2 Responses to “how to lose thigh fat and fast??”

  1. angelonthesun said :

    The best way I know of to tone your legs is to do lunges. Lots of them! If you have some light hand weights hold them at your sides, stand with your feet shoulder width apart, step forward and bend both knees at a 90 degree angle, step back, repeat with the other leg. Do sets of 10 (5-7 sets the first day) then add another set the next time, and so on. You should only do lunges every other day, you need a day in between to recover your muscles. This will not only tone your legs but shape your gluts too! Good luck!

  2. jamieeee said :

    JOGGG! and do lunges

    : ]


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