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Lose fat fast for the summer?

I am 15 and trying to get in shape for the summer, but have some excess chest/stomach fat I would like to get rid of. I’ve tried once for a while, but it didn’t seem to be making a difference in my appearance at all. Is there any advice or tips on how to lose this unwanted fat quickly, for my age??

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5 Responses to “Lose fat fast for the summer?”

  1. Nydous19 said :

    Not unless you want to get sick…

  2. Conlan said :

    build muscle mass in your chest by doing push ups, barbell press, dumbbell press etc etc and run at least 20-30 mins everyday don’t be a pussy and say im to tired to run or im to weak to lift weights because your body doesn’t care if your tired and wont lose weight by itself hope you achieve your goal and dont give up because you wont notice changes right away but within 2 weeks of running everyday i guarantee you will feel different and better and look better

  3. Quackapple said :

    To actually lose the fat, you need to cut down the food you eat. When I say cut down, I don’t mean starve yourself, but eliminate all the sugary stuff, and all the products with carbs in them.
    To tone your body, you will have to do exercises. My favorite for abs is the following: Lie on your back next to a bed or sofa (or something that you can grip on to) and start bringing your legs up and down (they need to be together). It is a killer ab workout, and it really works. Remember, you need to do sets of exercises, not just one set of however many. Keep at it, and you should start to lose weight and tone your body!

  4. Giirliiex said :

    This Might Sound Stupid But It Works Like A Charm! Just Buy Some Mint (HAS TO BE MINT!) Gum And Have A Peice At The Beginning Of The Day And Keep On Chewing It. This Causes Your Body To Think You Are Eating. I Would Recomend Changing Your Peace Of Gum Every 3-4 Hours. You Will Find It Will Put You Off Your Appitite And You Wont Want To Eat As Much

    Also do Some Sit Ups In The Morning And When Ever Else You Can Do Them 🙂 I Lost Loads Of Weight Doing All This 🙂

  5. criss said :

    1. Very important: Work out!
    2. Eating habits: for every meal, cut the usual portion in half and eat only 1 half.
    Also, no alcohol, no fizzy drinks, no sweets.


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