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Lifting weights and fat loss?

Does lifting weights cause fat loss? Not weight loss because obviously muscle weighs more than fat but will it make you look skinnier and make you feel good about yourself?

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5 Responses to “Lifting weights and fat loss?”

  1. JoshW1911 said :

    Yes, just combine it with diet to get the best results

  2. indonev said :

    Eating right makes you lose fat. Weight lifting helps because it speeds your metabolism through the day, that’s why it’s good to lift in the mornings with a bit of cardio.

    It only assists, just as cardio does; nutrition is 85% of fat loss.

  3. trap said :

    yes but you get out what you put in..

  4. xdisturbed_rocksx said :

    yes, also fat burns no calories, muscle however burns calories while your just sitting around so you can lose fat lifting and it will be easier 2 keep iy off later.

  5. Rick D said :

    Easy question, yes.

    Muscles (even at rest) burn more calories than fat. So having more lean muscle mass in your body means you’re burning more calories which makes fat loss easier.

    Also muscle weight looks better than fat weight. Having more muscle doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll look skinny, but it will give you better tone and make you look better for sure.

    If you aren’t happy with your appearance, and are trying to lose some fat and look better. Definitely make weight lifting part of your exercise program. Doesn’t mean you skip the cardio, still include some of that too.

    Also please don’t over-do it in the start. Some people start weights and don’t get educated on how to stretch or warm up and end up pulling a muscle or hurting themselves.

    Also some of the answer depends on what type of look you are going for. If you really want to look “skinny” then maybe lifting weights is not for you. But remember being skinny is unhealthy as well. You should have some body tone and muscle. Skinny people in my mind have very little muscle or fat and having little of both is unhealthy.


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