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Is weight loss more noticable if you are small to start with?

The reason I ask is a friend and I have lost about 3 stone (42pounds). She is 5ft 2 and I am 5 ft 8. We started at different weights and no one seems to have noticed I have lost anything, though she is constantly getting compliments about how much weight she has lost. It’s very demoralising.

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2 Responses to “Is weight loss more noticable if you are small to start with?”

  1. Miss Bethany Grace// said :

    that must be anoying for you hon but keep on going thats amazing!

    i really dont know about height or anything though.

    good luck :)x

  2. rowanetmarley said :

    Your weight will be more spread out in your body….that’s why taller people who weigh the same as a shorter person will still appear to be skinnier. It may be less noticeable that you have lost weight for that reason and may take a little longer for others to really notice….but I don’t see how anyone could miss someone who has lost 42lbs!

    Keep at it, I’m sure you know it’s worth it 🙂


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