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Does Weight Lifting Help Fat Loss?

OK I know it builds muscle but does it also help fat loss?

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8 Responses to “Does Weight Lifting Help Fat Loss?”

  1. Vicious said :

    it BURNS the fat to make muscle

  2. xzorcist00 said :

    yah what he said……lol…..lifting weights builds muscle and in order for it to have room it had to burn the fat

  3. dr H said :

    Yes you burn energy(fat) while you exercise and if you build muscel your metabolic rate goes up cause muscle is metabolical more active

  4. icanthelpbutlovehim said :

    it burns the fat and makes it into muscle.
    so yes,it does.
    but if you’re just trying to burn the fat on your arm,then you might want to try push ups,or maybe rolling your arm in circles. that also helps alot!

  5. emaam said :

    building muscle helps increase your metabolism thus helping you burn fat..

  6. Bella said :

    well when u lift waits u sweat, and sweating gets rid of your fat. so yeah. it turns the fat into muscle.

  7. sarge927 said :

    YES!!! The more muscle you have, the more calories you need every day just to maintain it. One pound of muscle takes approximately 50 extra calories a day to maintain, so imagine if you gained ten pounds of muscle through strength training — you’d need 500 extra calories per day, so if you keep eating the same amount you’d lose a pound of fat per week. Sound good?

  8. idexjun said :

    Weight lifting in quick, intense sets burns fat by increasing your heart rate and causes your body to quickly burn it’s main energy source (Glycogen) first then move on to burning fat for energy. Lifting does NOT use the fat to build muscle, it just burns it so you can continue lifting. Protein is what builds muscles. A combination of lifting on some days and doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) on the others is a good exercise plan for burning fat.


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