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Just a couple of questions about dieting?

* Whats the best way do you think to diet?
* Where can I seek advise?
* They anything that you can go to for so many weeks, and stay there and they keep an eye on what you eat, etc?

Answer all questions, best answers get 10 points.

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11 Responses to “Just a couple of questions about dieting?”

  1. ruffrage9 said :

    Just do it

  2. Keira P said :

    just eat right and exercise

  3. WanDeRer said :


  4. naomi b said :

    vomit!!! no dont

  5. ♠-ℓσνє ¢нєєz ∂α вєѕт ƒσσ∂ єνα-♠ said :

    um yes shes right eat right….and…E-X-E-R-S-I-Z-E

  6. Keeks said :

    * Whats the best way do you think to diet?
    Lossing weight could be very simple if you know what you are doing and if you have the right metal attitude and motivation right from the word go. Below are some weight loss tips that will help you.

    1) before you start at all you have got to to ask yourself this questions (A) Is weight loss your top priority? B) Is dieting right for you? C) Do you have the right motivation? D) Are you able to devote 20-30% of your time to your body? E) Would you accept the things you can not change? F) Do your family and friends support you?

    If your answer is YES to all the above questions then you are ready.

    2: Never ever skip breakfast : Many people who are trying to shed their fat skip breakfast which is the biggest mistake any one intending to loss weight can make. Make sure to don’t miss any breafast as it is the major source of energy for the day and missing it will do you no good but harm. You must also not skip your lunch and dinner too as you don’t loss weight skipping meals but instead you skipping meals makes you look ugly and it does not help your self esteem.

    3. Accept the fact that to loss weight will not be easy and learn to be disciple. You must realise the fact that to loss weight you must do some researches on what works and what does not. You should also learn to keep records of your intake and body weight as often as you can.

    4. Make your brain understand the fact that you now have a new lifestyle and that you will not eat just any how again until you have the appetite to do so. You need to know that our mind is subconcious it will beleieve whatever we make it to believe and will adapt easily with time and thats why you need to keep remaining your mind about your plans to loss weight and to do it real very fast.

    5. Workout smartly
    Did you know you can actually lose more weight & keep your metabolism fired up longer by doing 3-to-4 shorter 10-minute workouts instead of 1 big 30-to-40-minute cardio workout?

    A research study at the university of Pittsburgh found that women who split up their 40 minute cardio workouts into 4 separate 10 minute cardio workout sessions during the day LOST 20 pounds while… the group of women who did one big 40 minute cardio workout only lost 14 pounds and…

    The reason why more shorter workouts are better is because you never give your fat burning metabolism a chance to slow down.

    6. Reduce carbs : Yes I know this is the most popular weight loss tip and you have heard it all over again but maybe you have been doing it the wrong way, I would advice you give it a try. It is true that it is almost impossible to loss weight and keep it off forever with substantially reducing our carbohydrate intake most especially those with high amount of glycemic load (GL). It will interest you to know that the consumption of high Glycemic Load (GL) carbohydrates leads to more demand for more carbohydrates which every nuritionist believes is not good for a weight losser.

    7 .Get Enough Sleep : I know you probably are now thinking he must be crazy to tell me to get more sleep just because I want to loss weight but Hold on. If you’re thinking “Wait, are you saying I can lose weight just by sleeping? AWESOME!!!!” you’d be slightly mistaken. Sleep alone will not cause weight loss. It will however help. There so many scientific facts that support the reason for this and if you are in the 1% of people reading this who want to know those reasons, email me and I’ll explain. If you’re in the other 99%, just know that sleeping enough will indeed help your weight loss. That’s not all though. You know what it feels like when you’re tired? You become lazy. You don’t feel like doing anything. Well, when you’re goal is losing weight, you can’t be lazy and you can’t feel like not doing anything. Sleeping enough will eliminate this problem. Yes, you just read “sleep enough” on a list of weight loss tips. This one is really as easy as they get. You have no excuse.

    8. Passionately kiss your partner 10 times a day. According to the 1991 Kinsey Institute New Report on Sex, a passionate kiss burns 6.4 calories per minute. Ten minutes a day of kissing equates to about 23,000 calories — or eight pounds — a year!

    9. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: You body needs lots of water. When we don’t consume at least 8 glasses of water in a day your body will not burn enough calories as efficiently as it could be. All of your tissues need enough water to function at their very best. Without water your blood flow slows and nutrients and energy cannot travel to your muscles as quickly as they should. Therefore your endurance wanes and you will not exercise for as long as you would have if you had gotten enough water.

    10. Eating too much meat isn’t good for us. We all know if we eat too much it will make us feel run down and tired. Not only that, but there are health risks involved too. A diet in high fatty meats can lead
    * Where can I seek advise?


  7. moos_soccer_addict94 said :

    i think deiting is not the way to go, just change what you eat.
    the best thing to do is change what you eat, and do more exercise!
    its worked for me and i know from doctors advice its the best thing to do, instead of dieting, which is not at all good for you.
    seeing a doctor, or a gym that has personal trainers would be the best way to go!
    good luck, and trust me dieting is not good.
    : )

  8. JR said :

    1. You know your body metabolism best so continue eating 3 meals, just slowly cut back in quantity and increase excersice

    2. Best advise is a doctor or professional nutritionist

    3. Yes, see example below

  9. vanessa said :

    PROTEIN!!!! and exercise, both of these together, they worked for me and i’m sure you will benefit from them too. now the second thing is REPLACE foods, if you want candy or other sweets eat watermelon, this fruit salad is so tasty and has natural sugars that you do need a small proportion of that it will kill all the cravings of artificial sugars. 1/3 diced watermelon, 1/3 diced honeydew melon and 1 sliced banana, also you can eat golean kashi cereal it’s has a lot of fiber which is really important too, if you need chocolate, replace it with chocolate syrap on your cereal or so and replace ice cream with fat free frozen yogurt.
    now for the foods to eat for dinner, eat eggs with a little bit of olive oil and hasbrows in a little bit of olive oil, also eat lots of chicken salad, it’s sooo good and yummy i would eat chicken salad everyday even if i wasn’t on a diet and you should eat it atleast 3 times a week. DO NOT EAT PASTA, it will destroy all the chances you have at dieting, you might eat a little bit of rice and potatoes that are boiled or that you cooked in olive oil but no other potatoes. also cook vegetables and sprinke a little bit of mozzarella on top of them soo good too. so pretty much stick to eggs, chicken, meat, salad, boiled potatoes, vegetables, healthy cereal, a little bit of rice, non fat fro yo, and fruits for about 3 months and exercise and i you WILL loose weight.

  10. Andres A said :

    If you are looking for the best way, exercise and a good solid nutrition suplement will do the job, try this sources for suplement vitamins, they are guarantee and backed by a great company call newvision.
    Best wishes.

  11. prospoet958 said :

    1) Don’t diet, change your lifestyle because there is no “good” way to diet if you don’t plan to keep it up. Of course, you can be a little more extreme for a while, but then you want to stay healthy, and yo-yoing will damage your body.

    Eat a ton of green vegetables – with very little or no dressing. You may need to put a bit on to start to get yourself to be okay with the taste, but one of the biggest mistakes people make is that they think a salad is healthy even when it’s smothered in ranch dressing. That’s probably worse for you than a burger. Vinegrette is best, but just don’t drown your leaves.

    You won’t gain any weight if you eat all the fruit you want. Some people think you will because of the sugar (if you have diabetes, then don’t do this), but really, your body just dumps whatever of that you shouldn’t have eaten.

    Try to eat smaller portions (use a smaller plate), and write down everything you eat. If you make yourself do this, then you’ll realize it’s important not to eat some random little thing here and there because you’ll know how it adds up to a lot throughout the day or week.

    Don’t drink any more soda. At all or rarely. Many drinks (including alcohol) add a lot of calories to a diet without giving you anything beneficial. If you want something sparkly, buy some sparkling water and add it to juice (preferably juice without corn syrup). (PS: corn syrup is in a lot of food and makes people crave more of it. So if you eat candy, you’ll want more candy, because you’ll crave the corn syrup. If you take most corn syrup out of your diet, in exchange for real sugar, you’ll find that you don’t crave sweets as much as you likely do now).

    Exercise, that’s really important.

    2) Dr. Phil has a pretty good website. The second site is also good for healthy eating tips.

    3) Yes, there are some, but usually they starve you and work you like crazy. Most people come out skinnier, but then get fatter than they ever were because they are craving the things that were taken from them and their calories were cut too fast, making them lose weight too fast (and that slows your metabolism, which makes any eating at all likely to make you gain).

    If you’re a teenager, or under twenty-five then there is somewhere called Camp Shane that sounds like it would avoid those problems but still help (I haven’t been there, just did a “Fat camp” search on google). Just put that in and see what you get.


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