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What are some personal tricks that you have for dieting that help you stay on the diet better?

any that you’d like to share? Anything that makes dieting easier for you? any foods that fill you up and help with cravings?

Just wondering. I’ve been on a 1500 calorie diet for a week and a half and i’ve been sticking to it. and i’d like to keep on it. what are some things that make it easier on you and help you stay on your diet?

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5 Responses to “What are some personal tricks that you have for dieting that help you stay on the diet better?”

  1. luv2jump said:

    this is gonna sound dumb but chewing gum really helps me alot not to eat other food. and also i keep a food journal and write down everything i eat which is an amazing idea to help=P

  2. lankanvenu said:

    a good diet is when u drink 8 or more cups of water everyday which is around 4 litres

    and go for a run ,jog,walk
    and dont eat salty food or fast foood
    and get exercise into your diet then u will losse mroe calirose
    eat the 5 food groups like a bit from each FITNESS expert:) and i hope i get 10 points fro helping you 🙂

  3. Daisy said:

    I do the “water trick”. I drink 2 cups of water 20 minutes before a meal or a snack. It tricks my body into feeling full faster and tthat causes me to eat less. The bonus is, I am well hydrated!

  4. Ѕαмміє said:

    Tuna really fills me up.
    As for helping with cravings, I have a fruit salad. The mind is a complex thing and when you *think* you are craving chocolate (or any other piece of junk) you’re not, your body wants a vitamin or a mineral, the only reason why you think you want a chocolate is because you’ve seen one in the fridge, you’ve seen an advert on telly for the new Cadbury Flakes, etc.

    Seeing results really keeps me going & so does having someone to chat to about progress and struggles.

    Have you join It’s a free website & the people on there are so supportive, I’ve made great friends through there and the site also has really good, informative articles; you should check it out.

    Good luck!

  5. Matthew C said:

    what works for me is if i cant eat it on my diet i don’t buy it and its not sitting in the house. if i know i have to drive to the store get it come home cook it or just eat it it will discourage me from wanting it.

    Pop Corn fills my cravings. as well as juices made from vegetables and fruits that been run through a juicer. coffee with no sugar or cream/milk added fills my cravings for pop just don’t drink a lot of it! and of course 8 cups of water a day.

    Another thing for me is hobbies since your a girl i cant really suggest any but i do time consuming projects like Chain male, 15Th century medieval armor. and also electronic repairs/mods. work over time at work. just things to keep you busy that don’t involve food.

    along with a balanced healthy diet you should go to the gym! then you will see results a bit faster. I have seen a lot of people that have not seen any results in the first 2 weeks and give up and go back to what they were doing before. dieting alone is not enough to see results fast. More results you see that happier you will feel the more u will stick to the diet.

    also sleeping has a part in loosing weight as well a full 8 hours will help melt the fat away. not sleeping the full 8 hours a night will not give your body the time it needs.

    i also set goals when i loose 10 pounds ill go to an all you can eat Chinese restaurant and pig out. for my reward BUT only once and at every mile stone. you cant expect to be on a diet everyday of your life or it will seem daunting and discouraging!
    Good luck!


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