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ive lost weight but still the same ?

Ive lostweigh this year, but like not on the scales, ive appearence wise lost weight, but have stayed the same weight on the scales? whats with that?

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8 Responses to “ive lost weight but still the same ?”

  1. sweetie said :

    you have probably built up muscle and muscle weighs more than fat x

  2. Britta Britta said :

    When you say this year, I’m going to assume you just started three whole weeks ago.

    It is possible that you just gained muscle weight (muscle weighs more than fat), and that’s probably why you’re LOOKING lighter, though, according to the scale, you are not lighter. Just keep on going; ignore the scale if you must. If you’re feeling and looking better, that’s all that should matter.

  3. flavvi said :

    its easy to say cause you have hard fat and soft fat.. when you exercise your hard fat can become soft fat and it can MOVE around like moove from your hips to ya bum… or from your boobs to you belly..ect… just drink alot of water and your soft flab so burn off

  4. nettyone2003 said :

    The same happened to me. I ate sensibly and exercised. Normally I would have lost about 5 lbs but my scales said I didn’t loose 1 lb! However my face and legs look slimmer and my daughter has commented on how much better and slimmer I look.

  5. Elizabeth said :

    Look, if you did a lot of exercise that explains it, it’s because of the muscles, you built them up, and yes they do weigh more than fat, but hey, as long as you look could, who cares how much you weigh? Oh and sometimes your body keeps liquids, which makes you weigh more, excess of ketchup and condiments like this make this happen. Bye!!!

  6. j0 al3x said :

    sometimes we loose weight later …i know it sounds weird, but it happens!
    there’s no reason to worry. just wait and soon and the scale will agree with your body! 😉

  7. TINA F said :

    I’ve been walking my dogs for an hour almost every day, (hate the gym), and I drink Chinese Oolong tea three times a day, (helps to spedd up metabolism), plus I drink 2 litres of fluid. I vary the fluid with herbal teas, juices, miso msoup is fantastic. I’m no more anal about the slight cheat as I hate being deprived. Since 1st Jan I’ve lost almost a stone in weight. I usually struggle to lose weight. Have been having snacks like nuts, some dried fruit and lots of veggies, salad, a fair amount of carbohydrate and all types of protein, but mainly pulses, which can be interesting, believe me. The best two tips…lots more fluid and chooses the type of exercise you like
    Good riddance to fat

  8. Aditya said :

    According to my trainer, in the first month or two, you will not really see any pounds dropping. You are building muscles, and muscles are heavier than fat. The third month onwards, you will start to see the weight dropping. Don’t lose hope. It is very easy to be discouraged by not seeing ‘numbers’. However, if you feel good and people notice your change in appearance, that is more important.


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