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Is there a simple vegetarian weight loss diet that would be easy to follow in a college environment?

I’ll be going to college soon and I am overweight. While most people gain weight when they go to college, I’m nearly ashamed of eating in public so I’m hoping it will be a great opportunity to lose weight. I will probably make breakfast in the morning but my other 2 meals will be from dining halls. I was wondering if anyone knew a good vegetarian diet that would help me lose weight quickly without requiring I go to the grocery store often and buy ridiculous and expensive natural products.

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3 Responses to “Is there a simple vegetarian weight loss diet that would be easy to follow in a college environment?”

  1. tahunajcw said :

    Yes. Its made with whole grains and comes in bottle. Drink it cold, though.

  2. wowfreak21 said :

    Eat a good breakfast in the morning. What I would suggest is to actually go to the grocery store and buy some veggies. You don’t have to go all out and buy the expensive stuff veggies are veggies they don’t change much. The dining hall could actually be a bad choice to go to because sometimes they might not serve the healthiest of meals.

    Also drink alot of water in between your classes you will have to go to the bathroom alot but it will help to keep your full and curb any food cravings. If you get any craving for snacks just get some fruit and eat that. It has natural sugars that are healthier for you.

    Another big thing that will help you lose weight is to exercise. If you do all of the above you should lose weight and be alot healthier.

  3. Rob C said :

    to save giving a long winded answer this site might help 😉


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