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Would a 10 lb weight loss be noticeable?

I’m 5 ft 8 and currently on a calorie restriction diet. I started at 10 stone 8 lbs and just weighed in at 9 stone 12 yesterday, do you think such a weight loss will actually be noticeable? My aim is 9 stone 4, will even that be noticeable? Do you think that’s a suitable weight for someone of my height and a pear shape?


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3 Responses to “Would a 10 lb weight loss be noticeable?”

  1. jackie m said:

    I am 5ft 5in and trying to lose weight but doctor told me I should be 9st 7lb-10st. As you are taller you should be around 10st. Your current 9st 12lb is perfect but you will need healthy eating and exercise for the rest of your life to keep it off. I have lost 1st doing this but still another stone to go, I am now a diabetic and have to eat healthy.

  2. Kevin S said:

    10 lbs is noticeable. Just keep going if you want, lift some low weights to tone muscle, and you’ll bet a better body if you want. 10 is noticeable, 20 is better. It’s all what you want, but you’ll barely notice losing weight unless it is 40+ pounds. You see yourself in the mirror everyday, so pictures for you to judge the difference between are handy.


  3. phoebe9871 said:

    ya, it kinda just depends on how much muscle u have


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