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Is there a medication to assist with stopping to smoke?

I have set a target date of Nov. 4, 06. When I quit drinking (praise the Lord) I had been given campral. This helped alot. But it does not work with smoking according to the research I have done.
I am not looking forward to the withdrawl. I am not wanting to become a screaming manic to my family. I do not want to go through the withdrawl only to fail and start smoking again. (Happened too many times with the drinking over the course of 20+ years). Can not afford on line support groups that I have seen.
Can not afford the doctor. I am unable to make it to AA meetings so a stop smoking meeting will not work for me. I am hoping to find something along the line of pill form. Does any one have suggestions. Oh candies and gums are out also.

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4 Responses to “Is there a medication to assist with stopping to smoke?”

  1. tiare said :

    you can try the patch, they come with varying strengths to help you through the withdrawal. there is a pill which helps called welbutrin but you need a prescription from a doctor

  2. willhemina31 said :

    There is Zyban. It can have lots of side effects though.

  3. mamabear said :

    There is a new prescription medication which curbs your desire for tobacco/nicotine – and my insurance does not cover it because it is VERY expensive.

    Of course there are pills, gums, patches, etc. that contain nicotine replacement – my brother though he was having a heart attack after all of the above.

    All I can suggest to you is to smoke a few less cigarettes each day – or write a list of each cigarette you smoke, then eliminate some each day. In other words, wean yourself off of them. The American Cancer Society and the (?) Heart Association have publications that you could do a search on for ways to quit.

    Good luck – I’m trying to quit too.

  4. kayef57 said :

    Take it from me, to quit smoking slow down gradually, then hang around places where you would never smoke, or can’t smoke.
    Best thing to do is to change your lifestyle for a while.


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