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Is there anything I can do to rehabilitate my lungs after stopping smoking?

I’ve smoked for 10+ years and stopped. Is there anything I can do or take to make my lungs better?

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12 Responses to “Is there anything I can do to rehabilitate my lungs after stopping smoking?”

  1. sophieb said :

    I heard that the lungs (if not super damaged) will repair themself within reason once you’ve stopped smoking.

  2. Tanya said :

    You did help them. You stopped smoking! Congratulations on that. I quit cold turkey after 11 years of smoking and am now pregnant with my first child. To help my lungs all i did was swimming.

    It still helps and is great for strengthening the muscle lining in the lungs.

  3. purpleaura1 said :

    they will clear up on there on but you could ask your doctor for a recommendation,like a breathing treatment

  4. whatsup said :

    Exercise. Like it will do any harm if done rite.

  5. rubyred said :

    your lungs will heal themselves. in the meantime, your tastebuds will come back and food will taste so much better. I am also an ex-smoker. Believe me, you will feel better without the cigarettes.

  6. TweetyBird said :

    You’ve already done the most important thing. Just continue smoking cessation.

  7. wanninonni said :

    That is excellent! Congratulations!! Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s everyone smoked everywhere. I remember going to the doctor and people would be smoking in the waiting room. Needless to say, after being exposed to smoke both in the home (my dad smoked) and outside the home, I get a raging case of bronchitis every year. I am lucky enough not to be on any type of breathing treatments or oxygen, but I do worry about the future. I am glad that our society is finally taking a stand against smoking.

  8. iwatchedthestarsfallsilently said :

    Hiya! Well done! I think you’re fab for stopping. Try some gentle jogging or exercise of some sort. Dont overdo it, and if you feel really out of breath, just slow down, you’ve already done the best for yourself by stopping smoking. I read somewhere that a smoker needs to run like 2 miles a day to counteract the damage ciggarettes do to thier lungs. (Obviously I’m not actually suggesting you go run 2 miles/day, unless you’re feeling like a superhero!) Thats why I have suggested jogging, its good exercise, free, and it’ll get you in shape as well as helping your lungs! Bonus! Well done again!

  9. bowblitz said :

    Vitamin C or ascorbic acid. Take it everyday from now on.

  10. southern sass said :

    Today is my first day cigarette free…in 22 yrs. In about 1 month I am going to start exercising regularly. You need exercise, but slowly at first, because your lungs are covered. They need to heal before you start anything serious. I have been told at least a year. I asked cause I want to start running again.

  11. Lady Di-USA said :

    The lungs do not automatically heal themselves. There are breathing techniques (exercises) that can improve the capacity of your lungs and allow more oxygen to flow into the blood. I have COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and was taught these through a pulmonary rehab program at a local hospital. Ask your doctor about such a program or he/she may even be able to instruct you on how to perform these exercises. Best wishes.

  12. tlove6666 said :

    excersise..excercise..excercise…..start very slowly and gradually build up can do it…the lungs will eventually repair themselves depending on years smoked….also good diet and regular check-ups.


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