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Is the Wii fit game a 2 week fad that will end up in the corner gathering dust?

Tryed every exercise machine going and got bored… How do you find it and did you manage to stick to the routine?

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12 Responses to “Is the Wii fit game a 2 week fad that will end up in the corner gathering dust?”

  1. ♥ ♥ Miranda ♥ ♥ said :


  2. dd k said :


  3. Colette said :

    Remember its a game hope your not buying it to lose weight……..

  4. Happy Man said :

    Not if you have any interest in being healthy.

  5. Ameh P said :

    I also have wii fit. PLAY PLAY PLAY. Motivation = put alot of pictures of hot people and then put your picture on the non hot people. Btw, when playing wii fit, put some music and it will helo you alot. get some friends to play, they help you get motivated.

  6. Jessie said :

    I really enjoy Wii Fit, mostly because it’s private.

    I live in an apartment and can’t use heavy exercise machinery because of noise issues and sharing walls.

    On your birthday, the animated Wii Fit Board wears a birthday cone hat, and it’s little things like that that make the game a little different.

    I also like how it incorporates the Mii’s that the user has made in the excercise games. In jogging games, I pass all my friends so it is as if you are not exercising alone, but you have the privacy of being alone.

    The way Wii Fit has an activity log for other activities is also neat. I like to wake up in the morning and track my fitness level. Seeing the line graph is an excellent way to track my progress.

    I have been having tremendous results with Wii Fit, because I believe that it gets back to the basics of a healthy body. Instead of using fancy equipment, Wii Fit allows you to stretch and tone each muscle in your body without any equipment (simply by doing exercises that target that muscle group).

    I use Wii Fit in the morning for about 10 minutes, and at lunch (I come home from work at lunch just to get some more time in) for about 20-30 minutes. It doesn’t take much, but the line graph is definitely going down.

    I started Wii Fit being severly obese (at the top of the “obese” bar), and I am now “overweight”. It does keep me enthusiastic.

    The Wii that I have is actually my roommate’s and it is his Wii Fit as well. I use it with a password to protect my personal health information. My roommate is moving back to England though and I am considering buying my own Wii just so that I can buy Wii Fit for myself. I definitely recommend it if you are struggling with keeping fit, and you’d like a way to simply, privately become active.

    I had a membership at Curves that was costing me $50.00/mo., three times a week, with no results. Wii Fit cost about $150.00 and lasts forever, and I’ve had amazing results.

  7. NY Girl said :

    I don’t know if any of the other responders have a wii fit. We have one. It is used everyday and we have had it for several months. The games are fun and it is an excellent workout.

  8. bernice_fay said :

    I have been using it everyday for 28 days now, I love it and find it to be a ton of fun. It certainly has been helping to spend a few less minutes in front of my computer. It would be nice if they come out with some more games to use with the board. I am glad I bought it.

  9. scott.radley said :

    I don’t think so, I’ve had mine now for two months and I’m still using it regularly.


  10. Rob A said :

    Yes, and no.

    I purchased wii fit the day it came out. I stopped doing the actual workouts about 2 weeks into it. I have found that they are not very effective, and the ones that are, are boring. All of the exercises work on the premise of balance, which is not my cause of weight gain.

    But I still do use it every day. The body test is really great because it measures your Body Mass and lets you set goals to achieve. By using the tracking system I am encouraged to lose more weight.

    You will use the scale every day, but the exercises, not so much.

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  12. diana chyntya said :

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