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How can i lose stomach fat fast before my birthday?

ok, so i am about to be 14 in a week and my stomach wont go away! i dont drink soda and its just not helping. trampoline exercise? anything that can help would be greatly appreciated!

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6 Responses to “How can i lose stomach fat fast before my birthday?”

  1. Amy P said :

    Eat only fruits/veggies/water and you will lose weight fast!

  2. yahoo said :

    workout run around a track or treadmill, situps.

  3. Swan loves Rudolf Nureyev said :

    You can’t only target the stomach; you need to lose weight allover.

    Eat healthy foods and exercise a ton, and it should go down.

  4. Corey B said :

    stop wasting time being on the computer. Go outside running. Dont be unhealthy though. Eat smaller portions, but dont starve yourself. While your watching tv get ont he floor and do curl ups. Get up and dance if your just listening to your ipod. Small things do make a difference. Jsut make sure your not taking it to far and being unhealthy.

  5. Steffen said :

    There are many things you can do.

    -eat nutritious whole grain meals
    -work out
    -keep hydrated
    -drink plenty of milk(helps reduce hunger so you wont eat as much)
    -eat less dessert(heres what I do, if I work out a eat one scoop of ice cream that day, if i dont work out, i dont!)
    -join a sport team
    -do yoga
    -spend less time on computers and move around more
    -eat nutritious breakfasts

    Hope this helps

  6. mansionghost said :


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