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Is my ability to lose weight fast considered “lucky” and “desirable”?

If so, by who?

I can eat whatever I want (food only), whenever I want and still lose fat without exercising and such. And the amount of time it takes to lose the weight/fat WITHOUT exercise is VERY short.

Please do not bring health, healthy eating, and things like that into your answer. That’s not the type of answer I’m looking for. I’m looking for answers along the lines of: “Yes, it’s desirable and considered to be “lucky”, but only by so and so type of people.”; “In some cases, yes…”; “Not too many people find that “desirable.”; and so and and so forth. NOT answers like: “That’s unhealthy.”; “This and this can happen to you if you do that.”; “That increases your risk of blah blah blah.”

Get it? 🙂

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5 Responses to “Is my ability to lose weight fast considered “lucky” and “desirable”?”

  1. Emily said :

    Ugh hate u! Lol! Jk! That for me is both lucky AND desirable! I desire it! Lol!!

  2. Amina said :

    u seem like a asshole, but yes very desirable”

  3. LoneTiger said :

    Desirable? Yes, people would love a body that can lose weight that rapidly.

    Lucky? Maybe, quick weight loss might be as simple as a very active body, hormonal balances or a parasite getting its share of food every time you eat.

  4. Pc Gs said :

    6 tips for you.

    1. Drink water

    2. Eat regularly

    3. Eat lots of fibre

    4. Consume more good fats

    5. Get plenty of quality protein

    6. Carbohydrates can help you lose weight

    Good Luck and Take care 🙂

  5. Cael Stuart said :

    Hey I see you’re trying to lose a few pounds. I’ve tried everything you can thank of and most the time I gained more weight. Did you know that if you eat less fat you will gain weight? Everyone thinks that fat makes you fat and that’s not true. I was always over weight until I found diet solution program I eat more than I did in the past and I weigh less. Perhaps this is something which could be right for you. Well good luck.


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