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Is it true that the gut is the hardest place to lose fat from?

Is it true that the gut is the hardest place to lose fat from or is it just a myth. I am losing weight and it seems like my arms and face are getting thinner, but my gut and man boobs are still there. My gut is one of those hard round ones if that makes a difference.

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6 Responses to “Is it true that the gut is the hardest place to lose fat from?”

  1. Graham said :

    I don’t know about the gut but i definitely heard the man boobs were really hard to get rid of…along with the legs, but to be honest it depends on different people!

  2. Crawling Chaos said :

    People gain muscle according to what you work, but lose fat according to genetics. For men this is the love handles and lower abs, for women this is the butt and thighs.

    It isn’t exactly the hardest, it’s just that it will be the last.

  3. deniz said :

    yes it is. It may take a while to loose your gut completely. Cardio exercises will have the best effect at reducing it. E.g. walking, jogging, running and swimming. Although some people say doing sit ups will also reduce it this isn’t true however it does build up muscle which may help in making it smaller although it maybe a myth. Wiki says its a myth but to me i find it helps maybe it doesn’t but makes me feel like it does.

  4. Chandni Amlani said :

    Well to loose weight the best thing is doing Yoga.Cos through if you will loose weight then it is not like that if you will give a break than you will again gain weight.And morever Yoga is really benefited to strengthen your muscles and balance your mind and body as well.
    So through yoga you will loose weight properly not like that your gut and boobs don’t loose fat.
    Its benefits are countless.But the thing is that you must learn and do it in proper way.
    I can suggest you a book.I have gone through it hope it will surely help you as well.
    I think its E-copy is aso available.Please check it.
    Take care and drink lot of water.

  5. The White Storm Minister said :

    Nope. The most stubborn place to lose fat from would have to be thighs.

  6. Dhd Jdsre said :

    Some said, some say, you can also 22, exercise more


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