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Im Emo, but not the stereotype, ways to lose some fat?

Im not one of those little scrawny pasty emos, but I am emotionally hardcore, and i do cut my self… I wanna lose some fat though, im not like obese, but im not skinny. So, i was just wondering, if I walk a mile or two every day for the next few months, and keep a consistent diet, whats my outlook…

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One Response to “Im Emo, but not the stereotype, ways to lose some fat?”

  1. rebellionVII said :

    If you’re emo and cut yourself, won’t you just end up committing suicide before you lose weight?
    Get a life.
    Before you focus on losing weight, you need to stop cutting. If you’re trying to be healthy, that’s the better place to start. You will never lose weight or get healthy if you’re carrying tonnes of emotional baggage around. You’ll always gain it back as soon as the emo urges kick in. Your best bet is to start with trying to love yourself. After that, things will come easy.


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