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If I cut meat out of my diet, would I lose weight?

I eat healthily anyway but do eat meat. If I cut meat out altogether and ate fish instead along with nuts, seed, quorn etc, would I lose weight naturally?

I have just had a baby and need to lose the baby weight. I’m not grossly overweight (gone up one dress size and baby is 4 weeks old). I dont want to diet as such as I love my food too much!! I could easily live without meat however.


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20 Responses to “If I cut meat out of my diet, would I lose weight?”

  1. Without-style said :

    Unless you’re obsessively eating large portions of meat twice a day, it wouldn’t make the blindest bit of difference to ‘natural’ weight loss.

    Though it is a good to include fish in our diets.

    Exercising more would have better benefits than cutting out meat.

  2. kchick8080 said :

    Don’t cut out meat especially if you are brest feeding; the baby needs the nutrients still; breast feeding also causes contractions that get your tummy flat again!

  3. Chigga said :

    Nope, you won’t lose weight. You lose weight by having a lower calorie intake than expenditure.

  4. anonymous said :

    i tried skipping meat and carbs and lost about 12 lbs. in a matter of months.

  5. CT said :

    Depends. You will lose weight if you consume less calories than you burn.
    1 gram of protein = 4 calories
    1 gram of carbohydrates = 4 calories
    1 gram of fat = 8 calories
    Meat and fish consist of mostly protein so if you consume the same amount of protein from fish as you did from meat then your weight won’t change.
    Even if you cut all fat out and you consume more calories than you burn then you’ll gain weight. If you don’t eat any meat at all but eat more calories than your body uses, then you’ll gain weight.
    If you want to lose weight then just eat what you already do and exercise. If you burn 200 calories a day (a thirty minute walk) you will lose approximately a pound a week.

  6. LabRat said :

    Everybody’s different.

    Check w/your doc first – no need to go radical.

    Normally a mix is good. Like for me if I eat alot of meat but at least make sure there’s the fruit & veggies (& exercise) I’m trim. (But, yeah, generally smaller portions of meat are best.)

    Your balance may be different. Doing a bunch of random stuff will just freak your body out.

  7. praetorian said :

    Meat sucks and fish is better but you can dispense with both .
    Try tofu, eggs, legumes, dairy, nuts, vegies, fruit, sprouts, and I think you will be alright. And also grains but nothing refined.

  8. V L said :

    above suggestion sounds great!

  9. missy k said :

    I dont think you would loose weight cutting meat out of a diet, as our body needs fat.

    Also did you know that after 2 yrs of giving birth your body goes back to its natural shape or less! mine did

  10. sony said :

    no while you are breastfeeding you do need to eat a varied diet including meat

  11. Lauren said :

    If you can live without meat, then you should give it a try – apparently vegetarians are slimmer than meat eaters. There’s a link to an article below for more info & diet advice. x

  12. starryeyed75 said :

    Yeah, I did. Meat contains alot of calories and fat.

  13. Tanvir I said :

    Maybe u can give it a try but if u eat fish and nuts instead it makes no difference

  14. Dj' s said :

    Why not use a grilling machine to take a lot of the fat out of your meat, this way you still get to eat meat but a lot of the bad fat is gone.

    Good luck! : )

  15. The_Eternal_Red_Rose said :

    you can still diet without stopping your meat intake,you can buy lean meats,eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and maybe try some light/diet products if you want to lose weight,i think that would be your best option & you’re still getting a healthy but “lite” diet.

  16. Joe P said :

    You’ll lose weight if you cut anything from your diet. There is no secret to weight loss. The formula is this; use more calories than you consume and you lose weight. That’s why diets like The pizza Diet worked, and weight watchers and jenny Craig and nutri system. They reduce calorie intake.
    The thing is that you don’t want to lose “weight” you want to lose fat. That’s where things get tricky. Now you need to cut certain calories, like fast digesting carbs, and bad fats (for heart health mainly). Keeping your protein high enough to maintain muscle is key, and eating enough carbs and good fats to keep your body in balance is also important. If you reduce your calorie intake by 250 to 500 calories daily and get enough cardio and resistance training you’ll lose fat and maintain lean mass. This is important because people who lose “weight” usually just end up looking the same, just smaller. You want (I’m just going out on a limb here) to weigh less because you feel you’ll change your body composition by doing so. That is to say you’ll have a leaner weight, tighter butt, slimmer face. If you just lose weight you’ll weight less, and measure less, but your cheeks will still be puffy, your waist saggy.
    I recommend you keep lean meat in your diet. Ever see a healthy looking vegetarian? I sure haven’t. Follow something like the South beach Diet (I used that to lose 130 pounds in a year and a half) The Zone is good too. Don’t just cut things, cut bad things. meat is not a bad thing, it provides the best source of healthy protein. Don’t listen to the person above who says it’s full of fat and calories. Skinless chicken breast has 110 calories for 4 ounces and about .5 to 1 gram of fat. Buffalo meat is lean, beef eye of round is super lean, veal, and even pork loin are also lean. Fish is fine, but meat, esp. red meat has a better amino make-up than fish.
    If you’re not losing weight you’re eating too many calories. Too many calories, be it from fish or nuts or whatever will make you gain weight.

  17. dluv1126 said :

    Oh yeah, you would lose weight. Red meat has a lot of calories in it, mostly from fat. Poultry and fish do not have as much, but they still have more than just vegetables. Be careful though. A dramatic switch in your diet could make feel weak and tired. Also meat provides iron which is essential to maintaining a high red blood cell count. Red blood cells are the cells which give your blood volume and carry oxygen through your body. A decrease will mean you will feel cold and not have as much energy.

    But you will lose weight.

  18. Sherlock said :

    Try These Smart and Simple Guidelines To Lose Weight:

    Hope This Info Helps

  19. mike h said :

    You don’t need to cut out meat at all to lose weight! Contrary to popular veggie beliefs you NEED the protien in meat and fish to survive.

    If you want to lose weight, the best way is to eat a healthy diet and then excercise.

    The current reccomended healthy eating plan is four or five small to medium meals a day, each one (apart from breakfast) should contain some carbohydrates (rice/pasta/potatoes etc) some protien (chicken, fish, etc) and lots of vitamins minerals and antioxidants (fresh fruit and veg). You can pile your plate high with as much veg and snack on as much fruit/fruit juice as you like. Just keep one day a week as your ‘treat day’ where you get a takeaway/pizza/whatever.

    Cardio excercise will not only keep you healthy, increase your lung function and decrease your resting heart rate, it will also burn off a lot of calories, keeping you slim.

    Weight training is also important, use light weights with lots of reps and you will tone and define your muscles without ‘bulking up’, which will keep your body strong and supple, but heavy weights with fewer reps will increase size and strength. You may want to start with lighter weights with your back, but any weight training will also increase your metabolism so you burn off even more calories even when you are resting!

  20. none. said :

    cut dairy and red meats out of your diet and I promise you will lose weight. Eat lean foods like vegetables, chicken, fruits and you will see results. You are the only one who can make a difference. Start now because it doesn’t come off as fast as you want it to.


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