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I am 75yr healthy british citizen, I wish to travel to Houston Texas for 1 month,can I get medical insurance?

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11 Responses to “I am 75yr healthy british citizen, I wish to travel to Houston Texas for 1 month,can I get medical insurance?”

  1. wisesayer89 said :

    there should be travelers insurance i think. talk to a travel agency, they should have information on that.

  2. anthony d said :

    try saga or cab

  3. phatty said :

    ask at you local post office and age concern both have cheap health insurance

  4. SilverSongster said :

    You should be able to. Try the AA – they were great with my travel insurance, even agreeing to cover a medical condition I have, which noone else would.
    You can haggle a discount if you have AA cover with them already too…

    Have fun in Houston!

  5. dude said :

    You should be able to. I know older people who have travelled and been insured. Ask at your travel agent, they usually have some deals with temporary medical insurance providers.

  6. Auld "Haggis Basher" said :




    both provide Travel Insurance for ‘oldies’ like us, of course, they take into account, pre exisiting conditions.

  7. Junerose said :

    I went to Lapland last year and had no problems getting my travel insurance with SAGA. The company I was travelling with could not insure me with their usual insurers as I was over 64. I was going to Norway and Sweden and driving a team of huskies through the mountains so I could have been considered a risk, but no problems with SAGA. Bon voyage.

  8. peedlepup said :

    Houston is not one of the safest cities in Texas. (Much of the criminal element / gangs from New Orleans fled to Houston during Hurricane Katrina).

  9. welcome news said :

    You can get medical cover under a normal travel insurance policy.

    30 days cover at costs about £135.00

  10. nishqismet said :

    You can easily get travel insurance from Insure for all ( who specialise in providing travel insurance for those aged 65 and above. They have won awards for the cover and service they provide and I use them for my parents often.

    I did a quote for you based on a trip for 31 days and it comes up to £156.49. Visit the site for more information or if you prefer you can speak to them directly on 0845 8800694. Enjoy your trip.

  11. ratrat1 said :

    Try Squaremouth. The site compares travel insurance and has products for all age groups.

    The company have USA and UK sites. I would recommend the US site for this trip as policies are better for older people and the exchange rate is great.

    UK Site

    US Site


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