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travel insurance for pre existing medical conditions?

i am finding it very difficult to get travel insurance for my daughter, she has a few pre-existing medical conditions, if anyone has any ideas for me i would really appreciate it, thanks.

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5 Responses to “travel insurance for pre existing medical conditions?”

  1. Rhianna said :

    In the UK, your best best is to try AllClear Travel Insurance- Tel 08712 088 579. Apparently they cover most health conditions.

  2. sashs.geo said :

    I’ve had this problem try

    All clear

    AA travel insurance

    MRL insurance

    I couldn’t get insurance with All clear but did with AA and MRL. Basically if she is stable and has not had medication changes in the last 3 months one of the specialist insurers should cover her.

  3. Tom said :

    TravelEx is the best bet, and it allows for pre-existing conditions so long as you purchase 21 days in advance.

  4. Susan M said :
  5. peace b said : – try this one. I have their health insurancs and as I know they can provide coverage with preexisting condition.


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