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holiday insurance after a medical procedure?

my 75 yr mum has been refused insurance because she has just had an angiagram she wants to go away to spain in june does anyone no an insurance company who would insure her?

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2 Responses to “holiday insurance after a medical procedure?”

  1. old know all said :

    Have a look at
    They will do it at a price.

    She needs to think about how much she needs travel insurance. Although most package deals claim to insist on it, they back off when they find they can’t sell you theirs.

    Provided she has an EHIC (if she hasn’t, get one from she will get better medical care in Spain than she would on the NHS. It wouldn’t pay repatriation costs – but if you’re in a Spanish hospital do you really want to come home to MRSA?

    If she has home contents insurance, that probably covers her personal possessions and cash anywhere in the world (or it can be extended to cover them). It may also give her personal liability cover – and if she feels she dosn’t need it in the UK, why bother in Spain?

    The only thing she would gain from travel insurance is cancellation cover. But then if she is unable to go at the last minute, getting her money back would be the least of her problems.

  2. welcome news said :

    try specialising in the mature holiday maker

    Re comment above – you should remember that although treatment in Sopain will be covered under the EHIC scheme , repatriation back to the UK won’t.


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