travel insurance,i have a number of pre-existing medical,which i don’t want to be covered for,is it ok?

my pre-existing medical conditions,i don’t require cover for on my short break to europe,i will take out travel insurance for anything else that may that ok

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5 Responses to “travel insurance,i have a number of pre-existing medical,which i don’t want to be covered for,is it ok?”

  1. MellowMan said:

    Simply tell the insurance co. They will only cover for different illness etc that start just before or on your holiday.

  2. old know all said:

    If you are travelling to an EU country, make sure you have an EHIC. You then need to decide whether you actually need travel insurance at all. Do you actually want to insure against risks that wouldn’t be covered at home?

    If you’re going on a package holiday, they usually insist you have travel insurance so they still get paid if you have to cancel.

    If you don’t actually need medical treatment when you start your holiday, an EHIC gets you much the same medical treatment you could get in the UK. It doesn’t cover the cost of repatriation to a UK hospital – but quite frankly you’re better off in Europe (better food and no MRSA).

    If you have household contents insurance you should find that the “all risks” or “personal possessions” section covers the loss of personal items and cash while you’re abroad. Similarly with public liability – it’s nice to know that an insurance company will pay out £2 million if you accidentally cause Vesuvius to erupt, but do you pay for this kind of cover the rest of the year?

  3. Penfold said:

    Tell the insurance company you have a pre exisiting medical condition but don’t want coverage for it.

  4. Dennis - 1 said:

    Any body who travels abroad without travel insurance is a fool, any body who suggest that you travel abroad without travel insurance is a complete idiot.

    You have to inform the insurance company about any pre-existing conditions it is part of the contract, they WILL NOT cover you for those pre-existing conditions.

    If you get injured or become ill while you are abroad regardless of the all the horror stories about the British NHS you will want to return home as soon as possible, there is nothing worse that being ill in hospital when you can’t speak the language, with travel insurance they will provide interpreters and get you home, that is one of the most important aspects of travel insurance.

  5. Sophie T said:

    No point asking on here. You’ll get the best answer from travel insurance companies.


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