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Where can I get travel insurance without medical cover?

I’m going to work abroad on a 6 month contract and want to cover my possessions, passport etc whilst in transit (will be making a few flights in this 6 months). However, as part of my contract I am getting private medical insurance, so I don’t want to be paying for medical cover on the travel insurance. Does anyone know of a company who might do this? Or do I need to look at a different kind of policy, ie not travel insurance? Thanks very much
Thanks guys, should have said I’m in the UK. Have rung a couple of agencies already and they say they can’t do it without the medical cover and didn’t know anyone who would.

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7 Responses to “Where can I get travel insurance without medical cover?”

  1. rangapadma said :

    Any reasonably good general insurance company will offer this package to you. You can look at AG. If you are in India try Tata-AG, Oriental, etc.

  2. Miss Scarlett said :

    Contact your bank and see if they can help you in this respect. They might be able to provide a cover that is far cheaper than most insurance companies.

  3. custard said :


  4. yugnovskyvich said :

    dont advise it get all the cover thats thrown at you

  5. perisamablue said :

    If you open a privilege account with the co-operative bank it is free cover for the whole of your account life. No worries ,no extras, anywhere in the world.

  6. Insurance_Expert said :

    Travel insurance will always cover medical costs as well as your possessions so it’s whether you’re prepared to pay for an Annual Travel policy knowing that part of that policy you already have covered elsewhere.

    I would also check your private medical insurance policy to make sure you are covered for incidents abroad and that it offers the same level of cover that a Travel Insurance policy would. You might find that you need both policies to cover every eventuality.

    Your home contents insurance might also provide some level of cover for possessions that you take abroad. I would contact them or check your policy wording.

    For the best Annual Travel insurance policies in the UK I would look at The Broker Portals list if recommended Insurance Brokers and Companies.

    Good luck.

  7. sunnyday11 said :

    Travel insurance companies can be reviewed online. You can see what company it best for your travel needs. Taking the time to inform yourself of what is covered, can make your trip much more enjoyable. You will know you have the proper coverage while traveling abroad. You never know what can happen in today’s travel adventures.

    Travel insurance policies are easier to compare with fast online access. You can compare several travel insurance companies and their policies with a few clicks of your computer mouse.

    Taking the time to educate yourself can help save you from a large financial lose, if a medical emergency were to happen while traveling abroad.

    Access America Travel Insurance offers one of the most popular travel insurance plans. Again be sure to see if the plan is right for your travel needs.


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