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do i need medical insurance to travel to ireland?

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6 Responses to “do i need medical insurance to travel to ireland?”

  1. stockholmsyndrome said :

    yes, its always advisable. I’d never travel without it.

  2. Willow said :

    You should ensure that you have sufficient medical insurance to cover your stay in Ireland. If you need a doctor you may be asked to pay for the consultation there and then.

  3. wolfwagon2002 said :

    no… you do not need medical insurance to travel any where… just don’t get sick or injured…… sheezzz.. use some common sense though

  4. Louby-Lou said :

    There is a form you can pick up from the post office. Im really sorry i cant remember the name and it is a medical card that entitles you to basic medical cover on the NHS whilst abroad.

  5. efes_haze said :

    You need what they call an E111 card.
    You can get an application form at the Post office.
    If you need to go to a hospital within the EU, and you have your card with you, you don’t have to pay charges.
    It’s advisable to also have travel insurance as well.

  6. his pandaness said :

    north no as it is a part of the UK, south it is advised that you do unless you can guaratee that you wont get ill! you need an european health card as of july 2004 which replaces what was the E111 form which can be applied for in any post office branch it usually takes about 6 weeks to arrive after application for one.


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