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How were you treated when you gained or lost weight?

I read that when people lost alot of weight they got a different treatment from others, job, and romance….also for those who gained alot of weight how has life become for you?
Thank you am reading them now.

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3 Responses to “How were you treated when you gained or lost weight?”

  1. nancyr256 said :

    people thought i was anorexic when i lost weight, so i tried gaining some back, and now they’re saying i’m fat. i’ve learned not to care about what other people think. i like being thin, so i’m going back to the way i was even if people think i’m anorexic.

  2. melissa h said :

    i have been both small and very big…
    i will say that i have been treated typically both ways.

    when i was small, more doors were held open for me, more men spoke randomly to me, even my friends boyfriends were friendlier.

    when i was big, i was ignored at times, treated as though i was in the way at times…

    sometimes i wonder though, how much of that was my own perception due to the way i feel about MYSELF when im either size? and how much do i project on other people that is really my own thought? i mean, ive assumed people thought i was disgusting when i thought i was disgusting, and vice versa when i thought i looked good. im sure how i saw myself affected how i thought other people saw me, and im sure that my emotions and general personality were affected by my appearance.

  3. crazyk333 said :

    I have never had this experience but a lot of girls from my school did. They lost a lot of weight and they were eating really small portions of food and working out a lot. People were talking behind their backs saying that they were bulimic etc. even though it wasn’t true. So I guess people treat you okay but a tiny bit different…


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