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How todays society is misled about dieting?

I am researching how in this day and age people are misled about dieting, what with the numerous dieting “groups” and “clubs” on offer. However they all have different ideas and objectives yet still they promise to show results, although it is a proven fact that what works for some people doesn’t work for all. Although on different ends of the spectrum, extreme dieting and binge eating can both be the result of a unsuccessful or only temporarily successfull diet, and as a result damage health, when surely the whole idea of dieting is to become healthy. If you look up the word dieting in the dictionary you will find that it means eating food in a regulated fashion to achieve a particular objective, in some cases weight loss. Yet when the average person thinks of dieting, do they not immediately think of losing weight? I’m sorry my ideas are very mixed up, but what I’m trying to get across is that our society is ruled by ideas of dieting, yet are we not misled about its true meaning?
Oh and if anyone has any good websites could them please add them too. Thanks
I just want to make it clear to people that this is not a question from me about how to achieve personal fitness or anything, it is merely a question on how society views dieting, and its opinions on it

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8 Responses to “How todays society is misled about dieting?”

  1. Charles R said :

    Well, I am too busy to have read it all , but i got your idea.

    Yes, I think the medical business or industry has intentionally promoted false things about dieting, such as the “low carb” B.S. and their trained medical “professionals” and “M.D.’s” will argue with you and give you all kinds of “facts” they read out of a book, but sorry, I just dont think rice is fattening.

  2. leona g said :

    dieting brings to mind weight loss, however diet is ment to be a balanced intake of all food groups and not cutting out 1 part eg carbs completely which only creates a temporary solution to a problem

  3. Ollie said :

    The diet clubs are all after making money.I went on my own diet by cutting back on what I ate replacing it with fruit & veg.I feel a lot fitter & walk every day.

  4. Alexandra said :

    People still believe that a calorie is a calorie. And they still think low-fat works. They also think low-carb is hazardous, when the whole point behind Atkins is to figure out how many carbs you can have and still maintain. And people are still bowing before the food pyramid.

    A low-carb diet is what works–first-hand knowledge here. And it’s not just that. Aspartame (Nutra-Sweet) can cause weight gain, and so can MSG (monosodium glutamate).

    Lower your carb intake, try to limit or avoid processed foods, and that should work.

  5. SubJ said :

    Eat only when hungry and that too not more than three times a day. Include uncooked fruits and vegetables in ur food. Take nothing but water in between the meals.

    Chew each morsel at least 32 times. This improves digestion besides activating ur brain telling u that u have had enough.

    Take light exercises and brisk walks regularly preferably twice a day.

    U will achieve ur ideal weight in a reasonable time period effortlessly.

  6. Simon D said :

    We are misled by diet clubs because we want to obtain this super-thin ideal rammed down our throats by the fashion industry. Watch pop videos from the 1980s and everyone looks slightly bigger, and less toned. We are told we can obtain some so called ideal, which most people cannot obtain without curtailing their social life and working out every day. Just try to eat healthy, keep fit and enjoy life, it does not matter if you are not skinny, just try not to be obese

  7. vegan said :

    I think most people do diet to lose weight, and it is not because they want to become healthy but because they want to look better. Health is unfortunately not much of a priority for people until they are faced with serious illness.

  8. two2fly said :

    I think most people connotate “dieting” with losing weight, although you are right by admitting that this isn’t true across the board. Unfortunately most people obsessed with “losing weight” want a quick, short term solution to what is a lifelong issue.

    The problem lies in the idea that a person’s weight is the mesaure by which one can be deemed fit or not. The truth is that weight by itself doesn’t you much of anything unless the weight datum is used in concert with other health factors such as resting heart rate and blood pressure.

    Properly assessing one’s body fat percentage is a better way to determine one’s health. How does this relate to dieting? Well, the definition you gave is accurate but that’s the denotation and not the connotation. Once people understand that “weight” is not the measure, but perhaps “body fat percentage” is, then society as a whole might actually start to see that health and fitness can never have a short term solution. To properly decrease your body fat percentage, dieting becomes a lifestyle choice and more appropriately can be called a Nutrition Plan.

    “Dieting” when considered a short-term solution will never be seen by society as a long-term solution to health and fitness unless the way we measure levels of fitness becomes more accurate.


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