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How to lose weight fast and free?

How do you lose a great deal of weight in a small period without spending money. Is dieting the answer…or just exercising…or a lil of both..what are some daily things I can do?

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4 Responses to “How to lose weight fast and free?”

  1. Janehou said :

    Ummm… Well this might take a few weeks, but it’s all I know. You could walk every morning outside or would u rather run? It’s up to u but either way works. You can also try not to eat too much fats, sweets, and junk food. If you cant resit try harder.

  2. Aussie Mom said :

    This is what worked for me diet-wise.

    Eat small meals frequently throughout the day, that will keep your metabolism revved up.

    Eat only “real” food (not fast or processed – boxed)
    Mostly veges
    then fruit
    protein w/every meal (eggs, lean beef, chicken, fish)
    complex carbs (brown rice, whole wheat bread, pasta) not too much

    Give yourself a “free” day once a week so you wont feel like you can’t eat anything fun.

    If you want to lose faster – eliminate the free day until your goal is achieved.

    Take a brisk walk for 30 min 3 times a week. Do some weights twice a week if you belong to a gym. Drink plenty of water.

    One of the best kept secrets is to eliminate anything that is sugar-free (sodas, flavored water, candies, gum).

    Your liver will not recognize sugar substitutes (unless it is stevia) so it places them in your outlying tissues and adds water. That will make you retain water.

    Good luck – it’s all free!!!

  3. meemee said :

    there isn’t really a good way to lose it fast, but you can lose it for free.

    jogging is a really good way to lose weight and stay in shape. it burns calories and gets your heart rate going. in the beginning, i wouldn’t jog more than a mile at once. jog even less than that, and gradually work your way up to a mile, then more. make sure you wear comfy tennis shoes that are ok for jogging or running and some comfy sweats or shorts with a tshirt and a sweatshirt if it’s cold.

    tone your body by doing things like crunches, situps, lunges, platypus walks, reverse crunches, pushups, squats, etc. these exercises are especially helpful if you don’t have exercise equipment at home and don’t want to pay for a gym membership. i like the workout on this page:
    it tells you how to do all of the exercises. i find it difficult when you first start out so only do it like twice the first few times until you’re used to it or you will be very overexerted and tired and sore. not good. so just take it slow at first and only do what you can handle, then gradually increase.

    also, yoga is a great way to stay in shape. it gives you meditation with breathing but is good for toning. reducing stress is really important.

    just eat healthier in general. eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low fat or nonfat dairy, lean protein, etc. stay away from fried foods and sweets. eat them only in moderation. see a doctor or nutritionist for expert advice on this. don’t drink too much soda or pop. if you do, make sure it’s diet. but, the better option is no sugar or salt added juices (fruit or vegetable), water, herbal teas, and things like that. carbonated drinks will make you look more bloated and can actually dehydrate you more. so water, water, water!!!

    sounds kind of stupid, but make sure you get enough sleep every night. studies show that people who don’t sleep well have more trouble losing weight. besides, when you’re well rested, you look better anyway. you won’t get dark circles and you’ll have more energy.

    so really it depends how much weight you want to lose and how fast but basically this is the best way to lose weight either way. you have to work for it.

  4. water<34-eva! said :

    I’ll answer your question in short,
    running about a half-mile, plus it’ll help your time on the mile Kate (;
    do it in the morning it helps more with your metabolism
    potassium and carbs,
    and of course, plenty of water
    gatorade, don’t drink until after you’ve finished a swim meet or track meet. no gatorade BEFORE. but kate, you don’t need to lose weight you CRAZY PERSON (;


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