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How to lose weight and burn fat fast?

Well, i was looking through the Answers archives to try to an answer to this question, and I came across this one diet. The diet was eating only 800 calories for two days then eating 1200 on the third day to keep your body from going into starvation mode, then repeat the pattern. Well, I was just wondering how long it would take for me to start seeing result from this, and also if there were any really effective ways to lose weight/fat fast. I’m not fat, I just have a little more than I would like on my thighs, lower abdomen, and arms. Any help?

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5 Responses to “How to lose weight and burn fat fast?”

  1. Tanya said :

    you dont want to hurt yourself by going to low on calories. try to eat alot of fruits and veggies. they will fill you up but are low in calories. try smoothies. i have the link to the site i always go to. it has alot of good advise.

  2. Joe Fitness Trainer 2010 said :

    Do the Fat X 12 day fitness program. It’s great for burning fat, losing weight, getting fit and toned fast. The videos and the diet are free on the Fat X 10 blog. Good luck!

  3. Courtney said :

    I fasted on only water for 42 days and my metabolism was faster than before. Before fasting, I’d eat 1,800 cals and gain about .2 pounds a day. Coming off of the fast, I’ve yet to gain any of the 56 pounds back and I’m able to eat 2,200 calories a day without gaining anything.

    Believe me, “starvation mode” is a myth. If you don’t take care of yourself, you might develop thyroid problems and in turn, slow down your metabolism but not from eating healthily, regardless of how low your calorie consumption is.

    Good luck <3

  4. Tjjtyh said :

    Watch your weight. Some people say that you shouldn’t weigh yourself more than once a week. I’ve been much happier charting my progress every day. No matter what, you need to weigh in at the same time, every time. For me, that’s 10am every morning (or somewhere thereabout). If you decide to weigh yourself every single day, understand that your weight will fluctuate by one or two pounds – and that you should only keep a serious eye on the lengthier trends.

  5. Morgan said :

    go for a walk every day or go 2 da gym. anddddd drink water


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