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how to lose some belly fat?

im 16 and i started to get belly fat ever since i went into high school . im not the type of girl that would go out and jog so are there any suggestions on how to lose some belly fat at home ? i heard of doing planks , but does that help ? what about bridges ?

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6 Responses to “how to lose some belly fat?”

  1. I <3 Gir said :

    Well….. What I do is Yoga (you can google it or look it up on youtube for poses)
    Or.. if you have digital cable (time warner cable, cox, etc) you can got to channel 1, press free zone, go to fitness, and there will be a big variety of exercises you can do at home home =)
    (I do that method to pacifically the dance).
    Or…. you could just get a treadmill, set it up by a TV or something, and just walk on there while watching TV.

    Hope I helped =D

  2. determined said :

    targeted weight loss is not possible. you are born with the fat cells that you have. You can only strengthen muscles underneath the fat, and lose weight overall. Whatever you gain will be distributed weight gain all over your body, and whatever you lose will be distributed weight loss all over your body.

    I personally hate seeing reallly skinny people at the gym who are trying to reduce one body part. They obsess in their workouts and diet, and they just look miserable. Fitness is about mental well being as well, and you can’t have peace if you are trying to spot reduce. Can’t be done unless you have it surgically altered with liposuction.

  3. libby said :

    You cannot spot reduce, but if you are trying to get rid of belly fat cleaning up your diet will help. What your belly looks like is a direct result of what you eat. Cut out junk food and other fatty foods. Cut down on soft drinks. As far as planks are concerned, they are a good core exercise. You can also do crunches,side bends, leg lifts and bicycle crunches.

  4. Eva A said :

    Planks are more about strength, especially for your core. This will help strengthen your abdominal wall, which can help to hold your stomach in tight, but it won’t do much for fat burn by itself.

    You don’t have to go jogging to get cardio. There are plenty of exercises you can do at home. You can try dance, jump rope, and a nearly endless variety of other moves. If it gets your hard pumping and gets you breathing – it will burn fat.

    There are free sites that can help you get started. Two good ones I know of are and Nowloss is more straight-forward and has video workouts. Sparkpeople has a lot more features and support. You can definitely lose weight with either if you give it a try.

  5. Rocky said :

    lose extra belly fat with acai bery

  6. Krystal said :

    Belly fat is hard to get rid of. You can be trm in other areas but the mid belly sometimes is the hardest. Im currently using the program at and i have have reached my targeted goal.


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