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How to loose weight quick and healthily?

I am not really overly fat, but i do have a bulge on my tummy. its not to big or anything, but I have a very, very, low self esteem and I feel like i’m ugly nad horrible. Plus, all my friends are super thin, and always fuss about how fat they are. And then tell me i’m a cow.
How do I loose weight quickly?

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3 Responses to “How to loose weight quick and healthily?”

  1. AtaArticles said :
  2. Potato Head said :

    The best proven way to get a flat stomach is to do cardio and strength training.
    Run for at least 30 minutes a day or do any other kind of cardio exercise like biking, swimming, aerobics, etc. Also, do some strength training like lifting weights, push-ups, pull-ups, crunches(if you want toned abs). Ab exercises don’t make your stomach any smaller, they make your stomach bigger because your only increasing muscle mass on your abs not burning fat. If you want to do ab exercises, try not to do them more than once a week.

    Good luck!

  3. meeks_84 said :

    For me, I found any kind of diet is always going to be a fad. I simply can’t stick to anything that’s too controlling and doesn’t allow for special events or just off days.

    I have never succeeded in any specific diet but recently when trying to loose that last bit of weight I gained during pregnancy with my son, I found a great website (it also has a free app for the iphone which I use ALL the time) where you can put in your current height and weight, and goal weight, and it calculates your daily calorie intake for you. As you eat or drink anything you log it (this is why the phone app is handy), although you can do it once a day at a convenient time, I find logging things as I eat them makes me more honest in what i’m consuming. As you log a food, it subtracts the calories from your daily allowance, and you also log exercise a similar way, and that adds some calories back into your allowance. Meaning you can eat more calories if you exercise more.

    It is called and the app has the same name. Its free which is great, and the database of foods is awesome which means even if you know nothing about calories and food, you type a food in and the database tells you what’s in it, as well as its nutritional values. The app has daily totals you can see if you’ve stuck to your plan AND if you’ve eaten enough or too much in order to satisfy you’re nutritional requirements. This feature is what I love most as it helps you begin to understand what foods are good and why, as well as learning portion control.

    It must be good because so far i’ve lost 5kilograms in 4 weeks, and I have to say, I haven’t done any major work, and the weight is just dropping off! Since I can see the results I am inspired to continue and I have already lost a dress size. I am not someone that has found diets easy in the past but this takes out the guess work. Sort of like weight watchers but free!! AND I have a 1 year old so although i’m lightly active, I don’t have time for major exercise, which means its even more vital for me to know my food intake, and exercise when I can.

    I also think you should find some new friends, trust me in years to come you’ll appreciate friends that support you and love you for who you are, not those bitchy school girls who think their lives will be fantastic if they look prefect and walk all over everyone to get where they’re going.


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