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How to loose stomach fat and turn it into muscle?

I want to loose my stomach fat an turn it into muscle, i have two months until i go on vacation and i want to look good! Does anyone know how to loose stomach fat and keep it off? And specific exercises to make it go away fast, I’m on a diet so that should make some of it go away. Any help would be great!

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6 Responses to “How to loose stomach fat and turn it into muscle?”

  1. Frank said :

    You can’t lose weight in a specific spot unfortunately. You lose weight all over when working out and your body decides how to distribute that weight loss.

    Losing weight is 80% your diet and 20% working out. Find out what your basic metabollic rate is (the amount of calories we burn doing nothing but sleeping) and subtract 500 cals from that.

  2. Jenn said :

    You can’t turn fat into muscle, but you can burn off the fat with diet and cardio and build the muscle with crunches and leg raises.

  3. Murfy said :

    start with your core strength exercises (easily researched on google)
    do crunches, sit-ups leg raises, side bends.

    Stomach Exercises Alone Will Not Improve The Appearance Of Your Stomach they will define you muscle but you need to remove the fat layer covering your abs

    exercises recommended for you

    Ab Exercises – Floor Crunch:Oblique Floor Crunches: Lying Thrusts Knee-ups these will help loose tone your tummy but a strict diet and workout schedule are needed if you want what your looking for

  4. Dale said :

    do some killer crunches you can look them up on the 300 workout

  5. shantel said :

    You must have correct info if you want to lose weight. You can did way that I lost 20 pounds in 45 days. It works very well and It will work for you too. You can find more info from link below.

  6. riri said :

    You have to be careful of crunches, because they can build up your stomach muscles and actually push your belly fat farther out, making you look thicker. Also, if you’re not doing them right, they can cause serious damage to your back and make you sore all over. Ask your doctor for a good weight loss muscle boosting plan. Possibly dieting and moderate exercise? Look up some good exercises that involve a medicine ball; those usually help.


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