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how to get a slimmer waist?

I want to get a slimmer waist im 34 inch n that’s big I want to get down to 31. how can I achieve this n how long will it take.

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3 Responses to “how to get a slimmer waist?”

  1. Danny said :


  2. maria said :

    Use a weighted hula hoop for an hour everyday.
    My mom got one from her korean friend, but i’m sure you can get them if you search a bit. i’m not sure if weighted is the right term, but it was heavier then most hula hoops and it worked wonders on my waist.
    i watched while i was watching television, and whatever.
    Good luck!

  3. Betty B said :

    You need to lose some fat reserves.
    According to my own experience, if you lose 10 pounds, you will lose 3 inches on your waist.
    (I was 29 inches at 128lbs, and 26 inches at 118lbs).

    Each pounds is 3,500 calories so you would need to exercise for 35,000 calories. Aim for a maximum loss of one pound per week for 10 weeks (= 500 calories/day), or even better and easier, 1/2 pounds for 20 weeks (= 250 calories/day).


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