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How much weight do i have to loose to fit into these jeans?

Im 5’10” and right now weigh about 150 pounds, wear a size 9 in juniors, and have a 26 inch waist and 30 inches around my hips. I really want to wear a size 7 or even 5. Im doing the whole lots of running/cardio and eating healthy routine. The extra weight is in my thighs and butt, so how many pounds would i have to lose to fit in these jeans, a guesstimate would work.

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4 Responses to “How much weight do i have to loose to fit into these jeans?”

  1. meechiemae said :

    15lbs is a pant size so says weight watchers.Why get smaller you’re pretty tall so I’m sure you look lean.Bottom heavy women always need a bigger pant than norm.Size 9’s are great your weight is perfect for your height.Be happy you could be in a 16 you know.If you wanna pursue weight lose Good Luck

  2. IKE said :

    You do not have any extra weight. Check any/all height/weight matrix’. You are at the ideal weight for a 5’10 frame.

    What you are now trying to do is put your body in an underweight scenario. Continue the exercise and food plan that you are on. Your body will get healthier. You will look spectacular. No one will know your size but you and people will be envious of the shape you are in.

  3. kelly said :

    i am 13 and weigh 100 pounds am i supposed to be wearing a size 7 and 8 in jeans

  4. cassie said :

    i am also 13 i weigh 110-115 do i weigh a lot and what size pants should i be wearing


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