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How quickly can a healthy male ejaculate from masturbation?

I wanted to know about how quickly could a healthy male ejaculate from masturbation? (WHEN NOT Suffering from pre-mature ejaculation)

Is it possible for this to happen in under one minute do you think?
have you ever made yourself cum really fast like in under 1 minute?

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12 Responses to “How quickly can a healthy male ejaculate from masturbation?”

  1. John M said :

    god no if it does you have a problem

  2. Brian W said :

    Oh yes, it depends on how aroused you are and whether your trying to beat the record or not.

    I prefer to take my time and enjoy it mind you, but each to their own.

    Good luck, have fun and stay safe.

    Healthy regards,

    EDIT: Guys have been known to ejaculate before they even have it out of their pants, but that is premature.

  3. LInda said :

    The average is probably a couple of minutes. Depends how horny you are though.

  4. jamie said :

    Under a minute is quick, but not premature. I’d guess average times would be from 5-20 mins.

  5. skin8up said :

    depends on what you are thinking about and how fast you are doing it.

  6. lumberjack said :

    Yes if you are super horny and stroke fast

  7. arun k said :

    premature means within 5 – 10 secs

    20 – 45 secs is normal

  8. Femme Fatale said :

    That’s called power masterbating – i do it every morning!!

  9. NF Skinhead said :

    Depends when you did something sexually active or last masturbated –
    Everyone is different but if you ain’t had it for a while you are gonna be horny so will cum very quickly, average is 10-15 minutes I’d say depending on your fetishs and brain.

  10. Michael said :

    I did it in 10 seconds once, but that was after I had gone a couple minutes without masturbating.

  11. Kartooskangaroo said :

    There are more than 60 positions of masturbating, now about the time ? It all depends upon yr frame of mind as to how quickly you can come to ejaculation.

  12. TomMac said :

    if your really excited it can cum in under 1 min.
    usually 3 mins sometimes longer depending on how i explore myself.


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