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How much weight can you lose in a month by eating baked fish and vegetables?

I am really trying to lose weight. Just wondering what to do to lose as much as possible in a month.

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2 Responses to “How much weight can you lose in a month by eating baked fish and vegetables?”

  1. minootoo said :

    Depends on many things, you did not give us more info.


    Here is all the info that you need to loose the weight so study it and enjoy a good healthy life.


    Click on the blue/green high lighted items on this site and read to see if any of it applies to you too.

    Now click on “minootoo” then click on “Best Answers” you will see lots of Qs? answered by others and myself just pick and chose what is applicable to you and read them they will have more info and the sites listed.

    Search for my titles on yahoo answer using the search block above, type each topics at a time in the block and then click the search button.

    1). Life style change for loosing weight by minootoo.
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    4) How to loose weight by minootoo.

    Good luck

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