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How much can you loose in a week if you only drink fluid?

I just want to loose some weight quickly and maybe just have some healthy soup, accompanied with loads of exercise.

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2 Responses to “How much can you loose in a week if you only drink fluid?”

  1. Gabey said :

    That sounds like a great way to be an idiot. Instead of trying to loose weight in a none substantial way try exercising accompanied by healthy foods. It will take longer, but what you are attempting is just dumb.

  2. Ed said :

    This depends entirely on what kinds of fluids you consume. Water, black coffee and plain tea contain zero calories. Fruit juice contains a moderate number. So does soup. Soda contains a lot of empty calories. Some smoothies and protein shakes contain over 1,000 calories. Don’t be fooled into thinking “fluid” necessarily means low calorie substance.

    If you’re focusing on soups here, be aware that the calorie range for various soups varies tremendously. A cup of beef bullion is around 50 calories, while a cup or New England clam chowder is around 300. Please click on the link below for a calorie counting site which has the caloric content of dozens of soups.

    Prepare your own soups, rather than eat them out of a can. Canned soup is high in sodium.

    All my best to you for a happy, healthy 2010.


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