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How can I loose 10 pounds in a week?

I have recently gained a lot of weight, and would like to loose it. And I would like to loose it quickly. 5-10 pounds a week preferably!

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5 Responses to “How can I loose 10 pounds in a week?”

  1. AmphibMan said :

    Clean our your colon system. They sell it at wal-mart.

  2. Carmelicious said :

    um if your already at a small weight your not gonna loose weight fast but its possible

  3. Ali said :

    Yes the colon cleansing can help, but I recommend a low (processed carb )diet to help flush out extra water your body may be holding on to. Also avoid salt and eat lots of fruits and vegetables…ooo and yogurt is a must for fast weight loss! Stay below 1200 calories a day and you should drop 10 lbs easily in 7-10 days. Best wishes!

  4. candy101 said :

    Colon cleanse

  5. alicia said :

    Want to lose more in a short time, especially when you’re pressed for an event that is fast approaching? How to do this without pass beyond that you put your health at risk?
    Start with cardio exercises
    The latest studies show that the exercise should begin with the cardio. The researchers examined four ways to make sport: just run, just endurance sports, running, followed by resistance and vice versa. They found that two hours after exercise, those who ran and then did strength exercises will still burn calories.
    Do intense exercise
    If you want to lose quickly some kg is time to increase training intensity. You can inclined treadmill or adjust your static bicycle so you get over the area where you feel comfortable. Though unpleasant, the benefits are great.
    Use your whole body
    Most cardio exercise , channel on the underside of the body (cycling, running, climbing stairs), but if you want to burn more calories is essential to include the top. Use your hands constantly while running and do complex movements that require them as much. As many muscles you move, the more you will lose weight faster.


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