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How many weight can i lose if i ate yoplait light?

i want to know how many weight can i lose if i ate yoplait light like a week or for 2 weeks. And does yoplait light works in losing weight or not? of cause i do exercise sometime when i have work, i work at a fitness center. I need to lose about 23 pounds in this few months. I just want to know the facts that all. Dont give me stupid opinions or answers thxs.

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2 Responses to “How many weight can i lose if i ate yoplait light?”

  1. Stephanie said :

    I lost 50 lbs and kept it off in 8 weeks. Just copy her 8 week diet and exercise plan.

    This is the best diet I know of and it works. Your yogurt has a lot of sugar in it so it will just pack on celulite if you eat a lot of it over time.

  2. pink tulip said :

    This website gives useful info of “Fat Burning Nutritional Tips” and also provide guidance about ‘what to eat’ in a healthy way, which I find it very effective. Am sure you can surely benefit from it. Hope you find it useful.
    All the Best.


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