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How fast will i lose weight if i do these things?

Okay i want to lose like 30 lbs. imeating better with smaller portions, but i want to get a treadmill, do you think i will lose weight fast if so about how many pounds a week or month.. i can not do sit ups, or bend or any thing to streneous because of the misplaced iud.. so some advice or experience will help

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2 Responses to “How fast will i lose weight if i do these things?”

  1. Ant Boogie v4.0 said :

    well you don’t say how many calories you will be eating each day. Or your current weight. Also, people lose fat at different speeds.

  2. Emilie D said :

    I use the ShrinkIt Weight Loss System, it’s working great. I’m starting to look good AND feel good. The ShrinkIt program includes:

    1. The Appetizer Diet® Shakes AND Cookies give you the help you need to avoid over eating and eating the wrong snacks.
    2. VitaOne®
    which delivers Maximum green food nutrition, Optimum protection against environmental pollutants and stress factors, Supports circulation, liver function, digestion, and immune system and Much more
    3. Omega 3 which burns fat
    4. Crave Energy Drink – Which is Healthy.
    Incredible energy just when you need it!

    Simply mix one packet into approximately 16oz of pure water or whatever other beverage you prefer and drink slowly. You will love the taste and in just a few minutes you will feel the most incredible energy come over you. The energy will last about 4-6 hours on average.

    No Headaches
    No Nervous Jitters
    No Crash
    Convenient To Carry Packets
    No Artificial Sweeteners
    Less than 1 gram of sugar
    Only 9 Calories

    I buy it at this website from my good friend Luc:
    I have really lost 20 pounds in no time. It doens’t cost a fortune for ALL that you get! PLUS you replace one meal a day with a shake and a cookie yum! So it saves on the grocery bill!


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