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How does muscle testing work to diagnose illness?

Hi, I visited a Naturopathic Doctor who used muscle testing to find why I’m having digestive issues, primarily no appetite and nausea. She said I need a parasitic cleanse which sounded strange to me. Can anyone with knowledge about this type of testing give me some details please? (By the way, I already visited my family doctor and GI doctor who gave tons of tests and found nothing, which is why I am trying this). But there is definitely something wrong. Thanks for responding.

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3 Responses to “How does muscle testing work to diagnose illness?”

  1. dave said :

    “Muscle testing” only tests muscles (the clue is in the name!) Trying to pretend that you can diagnose disease or parasites by testing your muscles is a bare-faced lie.

    You don’t need a ‘cleanse’ and you don’t need people lying to you by pretending to be a doctor to take your money. Avoid this individual and seek another real doctor’s advice if you are concerned.

    Edit: Just stating “it does work” doesn’t make it work. If you have a shred of evidence, do offer it up.

  2. HappyDoc said :

    How it does work, I don’t know, but honestly in my case it did work very well. Of course it much depends on the capacities of the one using it, and also on some characteristics of the ‘client’, as with many things.

    I have persons which tested amazingly different on affirmations and medicine, herbs, and others where I almost had no difference.

    So decide for yourself which doctor or other practitioner you see, and if in the long or short run you get better by it.

  3. Mr E said :

    how it works is still something of a mystery. that it does work, when used by an experienced practitioner, is beyond question. a great many health problems which medical tests fail to detect can be found using muscle testing/applied kinesiology. anyone who says it doesn’t work is simply ignorant and hasn’t a clue what they’re talking about.


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