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How does gaining muscle actually work?

My gym teacher told me that when you work out your muscle tears and when that happens you have to eat protein to gain muscle. Is that really true? Does your muscle tear when you workout?

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4 Responses to “How does gaining muscle actually work?”

  1. 14 year old bodybuilder :) said:

    Okay, whenever you workout, you tear muscle fibres in your muscles, think of it like this: A layer of muscle that has just been torn and has torn muscle fibres, whenever the body gets protein, it rebuilds basically a new layer over the old-existing muscle and thus meaning it gets bigger. Thats basically how it works.

  2. Dre said:

    Well it doesn’t necessarily tear, but when you work out your muscles, they break down and become tired. Some of the outer muscle tissue comes apart, and then it uses energy to build back up stronger, similar to a callous. Protein is simply a way of gaining energy to gain muscle. If you notice, after working out hard, you can’t flex your muscles as much as you usually can, because the outer portion has been broken down.

  3. Shredgnar420 said:

    In some ways yes and some ways no. Your muscle does not tear during a workout but the muscle fibers that make up your muscle tear and grow bigger and stronger than they were before. Eating protein is not the only thing you must eat to gain muscle. Gaining muscle also requires you to eat more calories than you burn on a daily basis so your body does not break down your muscle for energy.

  4. Justen M said:

    Here’s a video that you would probably enjoy, that explains exactly how muscles work.

    Hope it helps.


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