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What is the best thing to work out to gain muscle weight?

I am 16 years old and love football. I dont think i am using my full potential because i only weight 165 and im easier to bring down than 180-190 pound running backs. It is fair to say my legs are less worked out then my upper body. So what should i work my legs out more to gain more muscle there? Any suggestions on how to put on muscle weight would be great

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One Response to “What is the best thing to work out to gain muscle weight?”

  1. Greg said :

    your legs and core (abs). Most of your body’s natural creatine and testosterone are boosted when you work out your legs, therefore helping build the rest of your body. A strong core is important for a lot especially balance.

    SQUATS are by far the best workout for overall muscle building especially your quadriceps (thighs, quads) but make sure they are done in correct form. Also, you are not going to gain muscle weight if you don’t eat right.You have to eat alot…high in protein as well as from all the food groups.


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