How do you reduce loose skin when dieting?

i’m aiming to go from a size 14 to a 6-8 but im scared i’ll get loose skin. How can i make sure i don;t? x

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8 Responses to “How do you reduce loose skin when dieting?”

  1. flumpy said:

    moisterise and often, something like cocoa butter is best as it’s really rich.. exercise too… that is a drastic weight loss so take it slowly and good luck tho personally i’d be glad to drop two sizes to be a 14! lol!

  2. MANNETTE said:

    Try to have some exercise like weight lifting and brisk walk 45 mins a day.

  3. Mom of Will said:


    If you are under 30 — it will take care of itself. Lose the weight, tone up because the toning is the key

    Over 40? Well, it’s slow but it happens with toning

    Over 50 — not touching it . . . but a surgeon would.

  4. rainbow joy said:

    That is a big drop.
    I would say drop slowly.
    Body moisturizer.
    Lots of water.

  5. Vanessa E said:

    If you do find yourself havning loose skin after losing weight, work on toning your body and gaining muscle. This will minimize the loose skin on your body. shaping muscle and tightening your body is the best way.

    Hope that helps and good luck!

  6. helen j said:

    yes do plenty of sit ups and moisturize the skin. i have lost 4.1/2 stone on the slimming world diet i lost the weight within a year and haven’t exercised at all. now iam fighting to get a tummy tuck on the NHS.

  7. thebraveone said:

    ur putting the cart before the horse………… first lose the weight then ask that question.


  8. Shaquita Roediger said:

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