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Can working out, diet, and fat loss reduce your boob size? (Women)?

Like with fat all over your body reducing can your boobs reduce too?!?

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12 Responses to “Can working out, diet, and fat loss reduce your boob size? (Women)?”

  1. wastingtime said :

    First thing to go.

  2. GloWorm said :

    Of course…. Sometimes this is the first place that completely goes.

  3. Lea said :

    yeah. Your boobs are made up of mostly fat along with milk glands, and tissue.

  4. Clueless said :

    HELL YEAH!!!!

    boobs are nothing but fat
    so when your overall body fat goes down then boob size goes down

    but i went from a 36b to a 34c
    and i love it b/c when i was 36b, it was really awkward to find the right bras, but in 34c, i have perfect matches all the time =)

  5. candicebillove said :

    yes. just like the fat from everywhere else on ur body. from experience, i find boobs are probably the 1st to get smaller. it could also be ur back being slimmer, which makes ur boobs look smaller too.

  6. Alex said :

    your breasts are mainly fatty tissue, so when you work out/burn fat, yep that fat goes too! horrifying isn’t it?

  7. Terry H said :

    Yes, unfortunately, because they’re mostly fatty tissue. However, being sleek and toned is worth it (I think).

  8. alexandra m said :

    yup – happens to one of my friends all the time – she goes between a B and a large C everytime she gains or drops weight

  9. live life said :


  10. said :

    As others have said, Yes they are mostly Fat stores so they are among the 1st places women lose fat.
    Overall people will loose fat from head to toe so since they are up top they go faster :).


  11. pyt20 * fo sho* said :

    yup its the first to go…
    sucks don’t it

  12. wemon said :

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