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how do you lose belly fat fast?

like i drinkk water when i eat and my friends say that if you do that it makes your stomachh big
so i guess its actually that problemm because usually i dont eat alot, but i eat fast food sometimes
and i cant really control my diet and everything because i eat asian food.
and i wanna lose belly fat but im not sure if its belly fat or not. my friends says say if i drink water with a meal that causes your stomachh to get bigger
im not sure if its true or not because i do that alot and my tum tum is big
and i cant really change my diet/ meal

so can you give me a wayy that i can lose my belly fat without changing my diet?

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3 Responses to “how do you lose belly fat fast?”

  1. Chris said :

    Turn off the TV and do something active.
    Eat only 1/4th of what you think you should, then wait 15 minutes. If you’re still hungry, eat a little bit more. You’ll be shocked at how little you actually need.
    Take up better hobbys. Your average american goes to work, comes home, and watches TV the rest of the time. Try nature walks. A sport. Hiking. Swiming. Music. Anything but the boob tube.

    I eat and drink whatever I want by the way. Just cut down on it. When you’re hungry try drinking some first too, and ask yourself if you’re hungry or just bored.

  2. El fuerte said :

    Well i think that water with meals making your stomach bigger is a myth because I do baseball and I had to loose weight during the winter so what I basically did was replace soda and any sugar based substance with water and instead of junk food such as chips, cakes, and what not I replaced that with a oatmeal granola bar it gives you more energy and dose not make you as fat and instead of deep fried rice replace that with regular white rice and instead of chicken get grilled fish yea I know fish is high in cholesterol but only do fish when your gonna work out or do something active and if you do eat chicken then eat it grilled but I believe there’s no such thing as in losing weight “really fast” without doing something to your health I recommend loosing weight with time and with exercise and good luck

  3. Alexa said :

    You can lose belly fat if you do several things:

    Eat under an established schedule try to eat 6 little meals instead 3 big meals. (If you cannot do this try to make breakfast and lunch your biggest meals and dinner very light.)
    Do not eat after 6:00 or 7:00PM
    Exercise for at least 30 min. daily even a walk would help.
    Drinking water between meals instead that with meals would help too, (tip try to reduce the water intake gradually so it is not too hard for you).
    Do not eat greasy foods as fat will go directly to your tummy.
    After your meals try to walk or stand up do not sit or take naps.

    I hope this helps you!


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