How can i lose belly fat in a healthy and fast way ?

im 14 and recently ive noticed myself eating more and more so i want to lose weight . And i want to be able to see my abs again . I dont wanna take any medications or drugs . Do you guys have any exercises that will make my abs come back ? or diets that can make me lose more belly fat ?

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2 Responses to “How can i lose belly fat in a healthy and fast way ?”

  1. Ana D said:

    Take more sports and try to control yourself. Its all hormones going out of control. I’ve had the same problem and you will be happy with yourself.

  2. ballbat20 said:

    You don’t need any medications or drugs. This can all be done naturally. Nutrition is the most important part here. Even more so than exercise. Try to make a habit of eating more lean meats like turkey, chicken or fish, since they are low in fat.

    There are more effective exercises than just sit ups and crunches too. Check this out, I went through the Sports and Fitness Management and Technologies at Columbus State and they didn’t even teach me things as useful as what I learned from the above mentioned course.

    Don’t get me wrong, exercise is important, but you need to focus a lot on your diet as well.


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