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How do you get your girl to lose weight without hurting her feelings?

My girls need to tone up and she knows it, but I dont want to say anything when she is just sitting there doing nothing. All she needs to do is a little cardio. I would do it with her, but I cant afford to lose weight with my fast metabolism…I lifted weights. Any ideas ladies or gent.

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14 Responses to “How do you get your girl to lose weight without hurting her feelings?”

  1. Cutie said :

    Ask her if you 2 can go for a walk. you can play games together. get one of her gal frnds to exercise with her.

  2. sig said :

    Join a gym and then see if she wants to go

  3. ncst8surfer said :

    I was going to suggest working out with her or get one of your mutual friends to suggest it for you.

  4. danna0724 said :

    Encourage her…if you go to the gym already, invite her to go with you…make it a joint activity…it doesn’t mean you have to do the same exercises while you are there. Also…I know it’s hard, but she needs to watch what she eats…you can make this easier by making healtier choices when you are around her, I know for you it will be a pain, but these simple influences won’t hurt her feelings and will work.

  5. mykidsRmylife said :

    She is who she is. Accept her for that.

    Consider being a better person. You stated that you will not help, just complain. You might join her in a sport that the two of you can enjoy together. A good relationship requires that you meet each other 1/2 way.

  6. doktordbel said :

    Get her into a program, with you, something that can be adjusted to meet the needs of the individual. A counselor might be able to tell her what is an ideal weight and how to get there. If you really care for her and she simply doesn’t want to do this, you may have to accept things as they are.

  7. bubbles said :

    A lot of gyms and places offer swimming lessons or fun activites like Karate or dance. Maybe offer if she would like to join a swim team, volleyball club or dancing. That way she would make new friends, get excerise and it won’t be “fat” issue… make it out to be she needs to get out of the house and be more involved in activites.

  8. hello_world_thisisme said :

    will they go hiking,biking,or maybe swimming …cut calories in your home,and encourage them before they gain more.

  9. jenni said :

    for one, your wife CAN do cardio with light weights, if you lift wieghts you know that doing more reps with less wieght can be quite a cardio workout, I know!
    Maybe you could tell her that you need an excercise partner, and ask her if she will do it! this is your wife, she will listen to you, even if you don’t realize it.

    by the way, when you say that you cannot afford to lose weight, does it mean that you are underweight? if you are, challenge her to a contest! I told my husband( he is skinny and I am fat after having our 7 week old son) that for every pound he gains, i will lose 2 pounds. The winner gets to sleep in on sunday!

  10. fo said :

    do some activities that doesnt focus on losing weight entirely like clubbing. my fren was kinda chubby back then. so she started eating differently. and partied a lot. she became toner in like… 2 or 3 weeks. so much fun. seriously. go clubbing.

  11. sexychocolate24 said :

    she has to want to do it on her own but you can make suggestions to her but dont force her.

  12. imcherokee2004 said :

    There is no easy way to tell someone they need to lose weight be it a large amount or a small amount…You say she needs to tone up what better way to do that then getting her to lift weighs with you it could be a great experience for both of you… I have had a weight problem all my life and it isn’t easy to lose weight.. Would be a lot easier if i had someone willing to help me and encourage me to exercise more… Believe me it only makes it worse if you dwell on the subject.. Just try to hang in there and get he moving some way or another if nothing else go for a walk when possible… Good luck and best wishes

  13. roxanne said :

    just suggest that you go to the gym together or go for a run or something and see what she says

  14. lil21dog said :

    try taboo
    WHAT to eat for losing weight

    • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially NC (negative calorie) food.

    * Print these lists. They will be your … “Bible”, from now on !
    * Dill and parsely – include them in all your salads. Also ognion + garlic.
    * Try eat mostly fresh vegs & fruits (whenever possible, of course)
    * If you really want a book, then check this out: The Negative Calorie Diet Workbook & Cookbook – eBook (Win95/98 only). Read more about this e-book here.

    • Eat fish, chicken, beef, pork. (preferences are in this order)

    * If you are a vegetarian, then ignore this!
    * Avoid fat meat

    • Eat 2-3 slices of bread/day. Don’t EVER exclude bread from your diet!

    • Snacks between meals (if needed): apples, oranges, grepfruits and other NC fruits

    * Don’t cheat … NO cookies, chips, candies, brownies etc!
    * EVEN if they have “low fat” indication… They might have low fat, yet they can have lots of CALORIES !!!

    • About rice, potatoes, beans, [xxx]nuts, pastry, pasta… you know!

    * Don’t eat too much of those, at least during the first weeks of the diet. I’m not a low carb addict, but I’ve noticed weight gains if consuming those in large quantities, especially when associated with other foods.
    * If you like them a lot, try and eat them like one meal. A nice delicious plate of spaghetti could be your lunch (never dinner!), followed by a nice big apple. These rich starch foods are not good for dinner!
    * At dinner time, chose mainly large mixed veggies salads… with fish, lean meat or cheese (if you are not a vegetarian).

    if u want to lose weight the best food to it are baked potatoes with nothing on it. no salt no nothing just plain. u can eat a 10000000000 baked potatoes till ur stuff and not gain a pound. i heard that from a weight loss tape. the best drink is water or gatorade. thats a start then when you work out do some taeboo. if u want a macine. run with dumbells on a treadmill. u could do the rocky workout. but thats a new story. u could use a butterfly macine i think it works the abs

    1) It is not just the amount you eat, but what you eat. Lean meats and vegtables that snap are a good place to start. And by snap I mean fresh and not boiled or doused with better or whatever.

    2) Exercise moderatly but for about an hour every other day. Spend half of that walking or running at a good enough pace for you to feel labored. The other half of the time use weights, or exercises such as push ups or situps to get a muscle “burn”. A gym is also an option, but I don’t know if you have the money for or want to spend the money on it.

    3) Sleep well. To bed earlier and up earlier. Exercise in the morning when you wake up, not in the evening before bed. 7 hours of GOOD sleep is a must.

    4) Occupy yourself with a hobby that keeps your attention for a long period of time. A hobby like this keeps your mind focused and gives less of a chance for snacking from boredom.

    That is a good place to start… if you see good results, keep it up and modify to fit you… if it does not, see a doctor AND a trainer

    Keep working out, drink water a lot, eat 5 to 6 meals a day but in small quantities, vegtables are important specially cucumber and lattice, fruits not be eaten after meals except by 2 to 3 hours, minimize the starch quantities in your meals lots of salad is important, your last meal must be before you sleep by 2 to 3 hours
    the most important thing is you don’t lose patient wait and have a strong will to be as what you want

    you might have some more ideas from

    good luck


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