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how do i tell a friend nicely that she should lose some weight?

I have a friend who has put on a considerable amount of weight over the past 3 years and I’m concerned. While I’ve lost weight, she seems to be getting bigger. Any ideas/suggestions on how to tell her or how to approach the subject?

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7 Responses to “how do i tell a friend nicely that she should lose some weight?”

  1. DAVID F E said :

    Your friend knows EXACTLY how much she weighs–to the 1/4 pound.

    Be a friend for her and accept her as she is.

    If–and only if–she brings the subject up of her weight, be supportive. If–and only if–she asks for advice, then give her advice.

  2. urbancoyote said :

    Ask her if she’d like to try your diet that you’re on. Because it’s good for the complexion and you love what it has done to your waistline.

    Don’t criticise her at all or this won’t work.

  3. brooklyn said :

    hey my mom bout to go to the gym you wanna come

  4. HappyGirl said :

    tell her the truth you are worried about her health. do not brush it under the carpet or do it in a mean way..

  5. lachaun29 said :

    go on a diet with her and make it seem as though you want to loose the weight

  6. wolfgame30 said :

    Tell her your concerned about her health and do it when no one else could possibly be listening.

    Start out with “your my best friend and i love you… etc”

  7. frizzy said :

    try to tell her that you have noticed lately that she is gaining weight. if she is aware of that,its time for you to intervene. you can start convincing her steps to try to slim down..if she is ignoring this then try to be supportive. I hope she will come into her senses as soon as possible before she suffers health problem at that matter


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